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Safety and
​Health Policy


Boldly HE&W

We dare to be different and to make a difference. We are not afraid to
challenge the status quo or to chart new courses in our sector and for the
region. We are boldly innovative in the way we think, plan and act. Change
​requires courage, and we are more than up to the task!

Our Values

to Excellence

Our Commitment

"​We are committed to the people and
environment of the Caribbean. With the
right approach, balance between our
development goals ​and the world around
​us can be achieved."

― The HE&W Group Team

Hear From Us!

Focus Areas


About HE&W


Family of

Change Policy

Our Activities


Our Standard

For us, excellence is a healthy obsession. It is our ubiquitous, perennial
standard for absolutely everything we do. Whether sales and marketing,
scientific research or project execution, we give our work our ALL because
​the future we want to see depends on it.

Meet the
​HE&W Group

We Are One Family

We operate as a true family of companies: building on each other's strengths and with each member dedicated to the growth and success of the whole. Our member companies often team up to deliver the best in product-, service- and knowledge-based solutions to our clients and customers region-wide.


Taking Care of Home

There is only one Caribbean―And it's beautiful beyond comparison! We
believe ​it is our collective duty to cherish and take care of our corner of the
world with tomorrow's generations in mind. Through our work, we are setting
an example of stewardship we can all be proud to follow.

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Character You Can Count On

We uphold the highest ethical standards without compromise. We speak the
truth and we stand by the things we say. Our personal and professional
conduct means you always know what to expect whenever you interact with
​an HE&W Group company: character you can count on.