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What Drives Us

We are a group of companies built on a passion for the people and
environment of the Caribbean. Our commitment to sustainability drives
everything we do. Day in and day out, we are hard at work to ensure our vision of a sustainable Caribbean future becomes a reality.

The Strength of Our Team

We call ourselves a family of companies for a reason. We work together to
advance our personal and professional development, and to give real purpose
to the work we do. Our team is strong because we invest in and care about each other, and work hard to build a culture of 'family' into the way we work.

Passion for the


Our Team

Our Commitment

"We are committed to the people and
environment of the Caribbean. With the
right approach, balance between our
development goals ​and the world around
​us can be achieved."

― The HE&W Group Team

Championing Sustainability

Across our organisation, we ensure our team members are acutely aware of
the importance of the work we do in promoting sustainability and responding
to climate change. Through education and empowerment, every member of
​the ​HE&W team plays a role in our regional mission.

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