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2013-05-02 | Husein Environment & Water is founded.

​2014-09-15 | HE&W team members become certified in PDNA.

​2014-09-15 | HE&W Delivers a Model Disaster Recovery Framework for CARICOM.

​2014-10-13 | HE&W Attends the regional launch of the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report.

​2014-10-14 | HE&W Group is founded.

​2014-10-17 | Husein Environment & Water becomes HE&W Consulting.

​2014-11-01 | HE&W Analytics is founded.

​2014-11-23 | HE&W Analytics delivers presentation on water quality testing.

2015-02-09 | HE&W Consulting signs regional partnership with DHI Group.

​2015-06-21 | Belize welcomes HE&W Consulting.

​2015-08-16 | HE&W Group Receives a Make-over.

​2015-12-28 | Jamaica welcomes HE&W Consulting.

​2016-01-01 | HE&W Consulting launches its Spanish language website.​

​2016-01-01 | HE&W Group launches its new website.

​2016-01-01 | Caribbean Home Building Company is launched!

​2016-01-18 | Beacon Power & Lighting Solutions is launched!​

​2016-02-01 | Aquatech Systems is launched!​

​2016-02-01 | N-Tek Energy Consulting is launched!

​2016-03-01 | BlueLight Technologies is launched!

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