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We Are One Caribbean

"We operate as a true family of companies, with each member dedicated to the success of the whole. We build on each other's strengths to make the region a better place."

― The HE&W Group Team


The Value of Being Connected

​Our reach and relationships provide us with access to key regional markets
​across each of our focus areas. These connections ensure the continued growth and success of existing and new ventures across the Group. Every
day, we maximise on this value for the good of the region and its people.

Reach and

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We're Expanding to Better Serve You!

HE&W Group boasts a quickly expanding network of member companies,
professionals and partners spanning the length and breadth of the Caribbean.
With a singular mission and vision, we are uniquely positioned to lead the
​region in shaping a sustainable future.

Making the Caribbean a Better Place

We've invested time, effort and capital in building our network for a very
important reason: so our work is maximally effective throughout our corner
of the world. We've focused our activities strategically to allow us to make a
​positive difference in the areas our region needs it most.

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