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HE&W Group Logo (Greyscale)
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Image and Brand Use Policy

We place great importance on the way our company is represented visually.
If you wish to use the HE&W Group logo for corporate branding purposes, please contact us at to request permission to
do so.

You can find low-resolution corporate branding images below, which are
strictly for use on white backgrounds only. High-resolution versions of these
images, as well the logos of our member companies, can be requested via
​email to

This image and brand use policy forms part of the terms and conditions of use of this website.

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HE&W Group Symbol (Greyscale)
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Protecting Ourselves and Protecting ​You.

"We take every necessary step to ensure the protection of our proprietary information and intellectual property, and your personal information and data. Get in touch with us to learn how."

― Legal Corporate Affairs Department, HE&W Group

HE&W Group Symbol (Colour)
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​​HE&W Group Logo (Colour)
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