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Our Commitment

"​We are committed to the people and
environment of the Caribbean. With the
right approach, balance between our
development goals ​and the world around
​us can be achieved."

― The HE&W Group Team


Our Mission

HE&W On a Mission!

In a nutshell, our mission is to bring our ambitious vision for the region to fruition. Check out our "HE&W Group On a Mission" video to the right.

Hear From Us!

Safety and
​Health Policy

Our Vision

Responsible Corporate Citizens

Good business is responsible business. We focus our business and
project activities on positively impacting society, the environment and
local communities throughout our corner of the world. Click the button to the right to download our ​Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.



Corporate Culture

Our Values

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Meet the
​HE&W Group

Grounded In Sustainability

We are founded on the bold idea that the business of development and resource management can be done responsibly; with due consideration for the natural and built environment, the people whose lives depend on it now, and those who will come to inherit it in the future.


The Future We Want to See

Our vision is of a resilient and prosperous Caribbean: well-adapted to climate
change, resilient to hazards of all kinds, and with societies and economies
prepared for a changing, modern world. We are determined to play our part in
​making this vision a regional reality.

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