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HE&W Group At a Glance

HE&W Group is the leading multi-disciplinary family of companies in the
​Caribbean sustainability space. Through our member companies, we offer a diverse range of product-, service- and knowledge-based solutions to clients and customers from Barbados to Belize and beyond!

Our Values

What We're

What We Do

Whether environmental management, hazard risk reduction or renewable energy consulting, our member companies exist to provide Caribbean governments, business, communities and individuals with fit-for-purpose solutions to support sustainable development region-wide.

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What Makes Us Different

Our commitment is first and foremost to the people and environment of the Caribbean. We are more than experts across our various areas of interest, we are responsible stewards of the world around us. Browse this section to learn more about the culture, values and policies which guide our work.

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Who We Are

Focus Areas

Our Commitment

"We are committed to the people and
environment of the Caribbean. With the
right approach, balance between our
development goals ​and the world around
​us can be achieved."

― The HE&W Group Team


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​HE&W Group

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