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Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction

With the advent of climate change, there is an increasing need for communities to build their capacity as the first of line of defence against disasters. We are at the forefront of the Community-based DRR movement, working to build more resilient communities region-wide.

He&w Group inc. Climate Change Adaptation


Welcome to HE&W Group,
the leading family of companies in the Caribbean
​sustainability ​sector.

River and Open Channel Flow Gauges

HE&W Analytics carries, installs and configures river and open channel flow gauges to support water resources management and flood early warning systems development across the Caribbean. We are playing a critical role in water resources and flood risk climate change adaptation.



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HE&W Consulting

HE&W Consulting is the region's leading multi-disciplinary environment
and water sector consultancy, offering a range of technical and
​non-technical services to support sustainable development and climate
change adaptation from Barbados to Belize and beyond!

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Two-dimensional Flood Modelling

HE&W Consulting is applying industry-leading two-dimensional flood
modelling tools to support urban, coastal and river flood risk reduction
and mapping region-wide. This is a crucial step to ensuring increased
​resilience to flooding in the face of climate change.